Classic Pedicure $30

This treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle care, basic callus care, sea salt scrubbing and foot massage. An elegant way to pamper your feet.

Honey Lemon Pedicure $40

Indulge in a refreshing foot soak with fresh lemon slices. Pure honey is used to massage in natural vitamins and moisture to hydrate the skin. Your feet are then massaged with fresh citrus cream and wrapped in steamed towels.

Aloe Vera Jelli Pedicure $40

Your feet will slip into a warm thick Aloe Vera and essential oil jello-like foot soak. Then your nails are trimmed, buffed, cuticles are treated and callus remover is applied.  A mint scrub is used to melt away the calluses and rough dry skin.  Your feet are massaged and wrapped in warm steamed towels.

Milk and Honey Pedicure $45

Give your toes the love they deserve! Indulge in a warm milk bath.  Pure honey is used to massage in natural vitamins and moisture to hydrate the skin.  Top off with a relaxing coco butter massage.

Spa Pedicure $50

Our Most Popular Pedicure!!!!!! This Spa pedicure combines elements from the sea to create a truly innovative line of foot care product tat produce almost instant result.  Blended quartz crystals, sea salts, marine Botanicals, beach sand, and other natural ingredients to exfoliate nourish and smooth even the roughest skin.

Sports Spa Pedicures $50

With this rigorous treatment your legs are wrapped in a mud mask, more callus work is done and the massage are more intense.  Massaging with Amber deep heat oil increases blood flow, relieve arches and pain to the area being worked on.

Mojito Pedicure $55

This invigorating pedicure inspired by Mojito a classic Cuban cocktail.  This pedicure starts of with soaking the feet in fresh lime and peppermint essential oil, followed by cleaning of the cuticles.  Peppermint oil helps ease your aching feet, while an intensive sea scrub soften dry soles.  Refresh with a Mojito drink!!

Ultimate Pedicure $65

This is not a pedicure; It’s totally pampering treatment of your feet and legs.  Warm waves of tropical sea salt and slices of orange and lemon on your feet while you soak in whirlpool foot bath.  Next you’ll be treated to a luxurious foot and leg exfoliation, and tropical blend smoothies mask to the leg and feet.  Next your feet will be wrapped in a paraffin to seal in the moisture.

Healing Hot Stone Therapy Pedicure $70

Unwind and melt away stress with the ultimate hot stone foot massage.  After a light cleanse and exfoliation, hot stones are on various foot pressure points to help rid Negative energy and heal the soul.  A cooling masque then revitalizes tired feet be deeply penetrating required nutrient into the skin.  Finish with a hydrating heel recovery to soften and sooth feet.

Herbal Spa Pedicure $50


Feeling Tired? Relax and rejuvenate the same time! Herbal Ingredients: Peppermint and Spearmint

Stress Reliefs

Let all your cares slip away with a herbal stress relief treatment. Herbal Ingredients: Lavender and Chamomile

Congestion Reliefs

Created to sooth stuffy noses and open airways! Herbal Ingredients: Eucalyptus and Peppermint

 Metal Clarity

Designed to benefit both mind and body Herbal Ingredients: Rosemary and Peppermint

Herbal Detox

Rich with Antioxidants to help detoxify the body. Herbal Ingredients: Green Tea and Rosemary

Bridal Bouquet

A fresh smelling floral indulgence designed to pamper brides to be. Herbal Ingredients: Rose and Lavender

Just for Women

Calms anxiety, creates euphoria, a wonderful treat. Herbal Ingredients: Lemongrass and Rose


Muscle Tension Relief

The perfect treatment for sore, aching muscles. Herbal Ingredients: Eucalyptus and Rosemary

Migrane Relief

Ease that aching head with a migraine relief spa treatment. Herbal Ingredients: Spearmint and Lavender

Calming Tea Time

As relaxing as a cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon. Herbal Ingredients: Ginger Root and Green Tea.

Renewing Rose

Renew with floral rose spa

Relaxing Lavender

Relax and unwind

Exhilarating Java

Strong, smooth, creamy, and aromatic

Warm Cocoa

Rich, chocolaty, smooth and delicious